Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Wear a Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are fun fashion items. They are seldom out of fashion and they keep on returning as a feature piece every few summers. They are not for everyone, but for those who enjoy them it is worth knowing how to look your best wearing four. This news story gives some pointers on how to get the best out of wearing a mini skirt.

1. Give your legs a boost. Most of us are not lucky with long, skinny legs. That doesn't mean the mini is out. It does mean paying a tiny extra attention to what enhances your legs. Think about:

• Bare legs - waxed

• Tanned legs - the fake tan is fine (use fake tan or leg makeup).

• Pale legs - In some areas, such as Asia, being and keeping pale is valued. Be sure to apply sunscreen to your legs to keep away from tanning.

• Nude tights - these are lovely if you wear a closed toe shoe

• If you don't need to wear stockings, but would like to enhance the look of your legs immediately, blend some sheer highlighting powder or lotion up the front of your legs. This will make your legs look thinner, and more toned. Start above your ankle and blend up along your shinbone, avoid the knee and continue the line up the front of your thigh. Make sure the line is well blended so that there is a subtle sheen. Do not use highlighter that is glittery, or colored.

• Over-the-knee socks

• Fishnet tights; or patterned tights

• Opaque tights - for women who like opaque and for women in their 50s and over Choose black, chocolate brown, plums and steel greys for the colours. Leave lighter colours to the teenage crowd as they tend to emphasise larger legs.

2. Choose the right look. Not all minis are equal. Some have more space than others. The classic A-line and bias cuts flatter most women, whilst the tighter variety tends to work best on the long-legged, slim, younger wearer.

• A tight mini tends to be favoured by younger wearers.

• A flowing mini creates a softer, more romantic feel.

• Older wearers are likely to feel more comfortable in minis that give a tiny room to move and flow than cling. Think about such choices as kilts, wraps and pleats. The Early Show advice also suggests that darker colours are better for older women wearing minis and for office wear.

3. Wear the right shoes. Experiment in the mirror and see what looks best with your mini. Here are some suggestions:

• Wedge shoes work well because their heaviness counteracts the shortness of the mini skirt and provides an "anchor".
• Pointed flat shoes look brilliant with mini skirts .

• Boots of differing lengths.

• High heels with the right heel and wearer

• Try to keep away from wearing shoes that are dainty or delicate, as these will make your legs look larger.

• Flip flops can work. It depends on the skirt and the occasion.Flip flops can work. It depends on the skirt and the occasion.