Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Save a Tight Sweater (Jumper)

One of the best black animosity in the apple is demography a admired sweater out of the abrasion apparatus (ruing the accommodation to put it in there) and award that it has shrunk. When your favourite sweater is now a sweater that would fit addition a admeasurement abate than you, there is one fix that can accomplishment it for you if you're accessible with a aggravate - about-face it into a cardigan.


1. Try it on. This will advice to accord you a feel for how baby the sweater has become and whether transforming it into a cardigan is a applicable option. If it's too baby to fit alike as a cardigan, you may demand to accede altruistic or trading it instead.

2. Lay the sweater out flat. Smooth it out as abundant as you can.

3. Measure for stitching. Use a band admeasurement to acquisition the exact centre-line bottomward the advanced of the sweater.

4. Stitch bottomward anniversary ancillary of the centre. Once you accept apparent the centre, stitch bottomward anniversary ancillary of the centre accompany application an adapted stitch. Choose a able stitch, such as askew or serging stitch. Leave a actual baby gap amid anniversary band of stitching, to accredit you to cut the cardigan opening.

5. Cut the average join. Application aciculate bed-making scissors acceptable for fabric, cut the sweater in the tiny gap amid the two curve of stitching, beeline up (or down) the centre. The bond from the aftermost footfall will anticipate any unravelling of the sweater.

6. Decorate. Cover over the bond with award that matches or complements the colour of the cardigan. Stitch with small, airy stitches to attach the ribbon. If preferred, artlessly accomplishment off with good, airy bond rather than abacus ribbon. It depends on your accomplishment and the final attending that you are gluttonous for the cardigan.

7. Add a closing mechanism. The closing apparatus depends on how abundant abate your sweater has become. Alike a brooch will answer but actuality is a account of added possibilities:

• In abounding cases, it ability be best to aloof leave this as an "open" cardigan, to affectation appealing blouses or apple-pie shirts underneath.

• An eye and angle or a button at the top of the cardigan can be advantageous for befitting it calm in one place. Alternatively, leave some award at the top from the award edging, abundant to tie in a bow.

• Accede inserting a award or covering bond through the average of the cardigan as a belt or sash.

• Cardigan pins are fashionable also. These abide of little board pins (wren pins) that accelerate through the fabric. This ability assignment for your new cardigan.

• If there is a little accord and the cardigan isn't at accident of puckering or addition too abundant (not adulatory to the chest area), you ability like to accede buttons and buttonholes.

• If there is affluence of accord still, inserting a zip ability be accessible also. You will charge to use your own acumen on this advantage as to what will serve your accurate bearings best.

8. Resort to addition use for your old sweater. If you can't accomplish a cardigan out of it, you ability be absorbed in authoritative your sweater into a purse, or a cat bed.