Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to Be a Unique Fashion Icon

Always apperceive how to be yourself. Never act like article that your not. It will aloof get you into trouble. If you are yourself again added bodies will demand to be and dress like you! If you demand addition to dress like you, this is how.


1. Leave your options open. Not to accessible though. Go through the clothes that you accept and agreement hairstyles and architecture styles that assignment for you.

2. Find your look. If you are babe again don't be changeable the abutting day. Change is good, but if you accumulate alteration again you deceit be a appearance figure to somebody.

3. Make abiding that you are absolute about your look. If somebody adulation you don't put yourself down.

4. Avoid aggregate in. You demand to angle out! Be different. So what if your academy mates are baggy and don't care. If you do, and you accumulate bathrobe nice, bodies will get the appetite to chase in your footsteps. And what feels bigger again to be a baton again a follower?

5. Don't be abashed to accurate who you absolutely are. You don't charge to be addition your not aloof for the bodies who you like. Be who you want, not who they demand you to be! For the bodies that are account this, they will apparently demand basics. But this admonition is absolutely helpful. Try it. Do it. Be a appearance icon. You never apperceive what's in abundance up forth your road.