Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Carry a Bag With Everything a Girl Needs

Whatever the occasion or event, a girl always needs her essentials right there. So why not carry a bag with everything?


1. Choose your bag. The ideal perfect bag can be roomy, cute, but not too big. They can be found in a variety of places, such as American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Payless Shoes.

2. Have an idea of what to pack. For better organization and to find things more easily, try purchase or get a small makeup bag for your cosmetics to put into your regular bag.

3. Use your bag as a backpack. Pack some school books. Only pack what you need for the day, so it doesn't take up room. Allow space for a binder, small pencil case, and a textbook or two.

4. Use a cell phone for emergencies even if it's a pre-paid phone with a few minutes on it. Make sure that the phone is charged and on silent or vibrate mode.

5. Pack other accessories. Sunglasses, hair-ties, hairbrush, lotions, sprays, gum, mints, and other "wants" can be stocked on the top or the sides of your bag.

6. Pack your makeup bag. It's essential to look good at the right moment.

• Concealer: if you find in the middle of the day that you have a big red zit or black undereye circles, you'll need some concealer.

• Foundation: if you need major coverage, squirt some liquid foundation in your hand, and rub into skin well, blending.

• Powder: brush this over your face after the concealer or foundation.
• Eyeliner: this is to accentuate your eyes.
• Neutral eyeshadow: avoid bringing black eyeshadow.
• Mascara: apply one or two coats really quick if you look tired.
• Lipgloss or chapstick: your lips might crack or get chapped, so apply some chapstick, then lipgloss over it.