Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Enjoy Being a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom is no simple task. It takes intellect, skill, & the ability to be a multi-tasking guru. This article explores the ways in which you can enjoy the journey of being a stay-at-home mom. Use the following ideas, suggestions, & tips to both change to becoming a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM), & to prosper in your endeavors. The following ideas will work well for mothers who have recently left the workforce.


1. Create & implement a schedule that includes your every day routines. For example, common routines are breakfast, class, snack, lunch, nap time, & afternoon snack, & it is important to leave time slots open for flexibility, such as for special events & activities. While you might be tempted to see more freedom without having a schedule in place, you'll find it benefits both you & your babies to know what is coming up next throughout the day, & it helps remove that feeling of "where did that day go?!".

2. Connect with a local mom's group for mothers with babies of similar ages. It is helpful to meet other mothers who understand your experience, & with whom you can exchange tips & resources.

3. Cease trying to do everything. There's only so lots of hours in a day & no mom is a superwoman. Outsource method tasks that are important to complete, but keep you from focusing on your babies, such as cleaning or ironing (realizing that this "outsourcing" can be to other relatives members!). If that is not affordable or achievable, sort out a way to get it done so that it won't stress you out. For example, it is a lovely suggestion to lower high expectations of a superbly maintained home & it helps to find clothes that don't require regular ironing or repairs.

4. Refuel. In case you are a stay-at-home mom, you are in "give" mode all of the time. Serving your babies & relatives when your tank is on "E" is unsafe for everyone. Schedule "mom time" on the calendar at least four times a week. This might be catching up with friends, going to the flicks, having a facial or massage, or taking a hike on your favourite local trail.

5. Lighten up & have fun. Babies are a ton of work, but they are also lots of fun. Don't permit yourself to get so overwhelmed by the work that you forget to enjoy your babies. Watch how they have fun & join in - they will love having mom share in their games, coming down to their level.

6. Keep in mind that you have value. As a SAHM, you have selected to take out time to teach your babies your values & morals in a more hands-on & directed way than might happen in case you were working as well.[4] In doing so, you will be helping the next generation carryover on what you think about important, & that is as valuable a role as any in this world.