Tuesday, December 15, 2009

”My Ideal Wedding”

Wedding is the most important event in life. Luxury wedding car? Elegant wedding dress? that’s not what it takes to have the most special moment. It’s about how much you love each other. Even Angelina Jollie and Brad can explain it to you. There’s nothing more satisfying to have the simplest yet to most memorable event!

Let’s face it. Not all of us were blessed to get married. But every one of us has given a chance to fall in love. In many cases, single ladies remained singles because of two things. One is failure and the second one is passion…. Failure because they failed to get the right men or the men or their dreams. Yes, and believe it or not, single ladies at the age of 60 or 70 were still realizing the things they’ve did.

On the other hand, other singles remained singles because they’re passionate to be singles. Some of them are lesbians. Instead of searching for the right man they’ve rather choose to love same sex. Anyway, whatsoever their reasons to be singles, it’s their decisions and we should respect them about that.

Long-life relationships will always turned into marriage or wedding as a common word for that. How about you? Have you ever think about your ideal wedding? If so, then wish you good luck for that. But if not, you should start to think of it now. Why? So, that you’ll be prepared in case your wedding is about to happen.

Let me share you my ideas as of now. By the way, I am a desperate girl who lives in California. I am fond of selling wholesale products online including wholesale clothes and wholesale jewelries. My boyfriend lives in Las Vegas and at this moment we’re planning to prepare for our upcoming wedding on June 2010.

That was 9:00 in the evening when I started to realize these things. Obviously, it’s about my ideal wedding. How about you, do you expect an elegant wedding or just a simple one?

For me, there’s only one thing that comes in my mind every time the word wedding is mentioned. Since I grew up in the California, I think about seas. Yes, I want to have my wedding near the sea.

What a romantic dinner together with my aunts and uncles. But of course, I want a private place to celebrate the most important event in my life. And as expected the entourage would be held in a mini stage wherein the priest and all the wedding necessities are situated.

Tulip is my favorite flower. So I want to include dozens of tulips around the wedding venue. But what about the place? I want somewhere else with tropical weather condition, maybe in Taiwan or in Singapore.

You might disagree if I tell you something surprising. Have your seen Monique Llullier’s gown. I want that one for my wedding. Hahaha…But for now, I need to sell dozens of wholesale clothes.

Let’s talk about the rings. you know, there are a lot of birthstones out there. But there’s only a single birthstone I want to include in my future wedding right. And that is DIAMOND. I believed that diamonds are forever and there are no other stones that can beat diamonds.

Just like love. No matter what you did, your heart only beats for a single person. Yes a person who’s willing to sacrifice everything he has just to make you happy. Like love, diamonds are unbreakable. Perhaps you need another diamond to cut a single piece.

Finally, for the bridesmaid. Of course, I want my best friend cherry to be the bride’s maid. She’s a simple yet gorgeous girl from Tampa bay. I want her to be in pink. For sure, her pale face will surely come up during my wedding day.

But before I forgot, what’s the motif? yeah that’s right. Pink is my ideal color. The combination of white and red right? This means love and purity above all. I hope these ideas will serve as an aspiration to all who dream to have a wonderful wedding.

Monday, December 14, 2009

“After 7 Years – You’re Back!”

It happened in 1995, when my pet dog cuffy disappeared from rainforest of Australia. I thought he’s gone together with the thick snow at that time. After a long run, cuffy my dog was found 1,200 miles from where he was lost. For about 7 years it’s hard to believe that he’s still alive without stable supply of food. ---- A miracle!

It was a winter morning of July, the snow is thick and the wind is so cold. It thought it was the coldest winter I’ve ever encountered.
I and my pet dog have decided to go out to have fun. With my home-made cart, I drive through the snowy roads going to the forest. In my surprised, cuffy disappeared and I don’t know where to find him. I ask my father to help me in searching my one and only pet.

Cuffy is my best friend. He’s a dog gave by Uncle Sammy who’s now the owner of the famous wholesale clothing outlet downtown. I call him cuffy because of the brown spots in his body. And for me, that cute spots are his assets…

Since I was five years old, he’s already my playmate. He’s a smart pet and he follows everything I want him to do. One time, a car supposed o hit him. But thank God, I was only little damage.

I have no playmates at home because my brother are studying in Sydney while I am based in San Francisco California together with my dad. And besides, my house is far from other houses.

My life is full of boredom and fear – fear to lose my pet…but in an unexpected moment, he’s gone! I’m alone and there’s no one can replace my best friend cuffy.

I remembered those days. His favorite place was on the tree house situated in our backyard. We played hide and sick and I am always the loser. He’s a good hider and now he’s finally gone for almost 3 years. I missed him so much. I can’t leave without my best friend and my pet at the same time.

One day, the cruelty to animals was investigating and found a white mutt in the forest. In contrast with my idea, my uncle has immediately left his wholesale clothing store downtown and went at home. In my surprise, cuffy was in my uncle’s hand.

I thought he’s smiling at me and I am very thankful he’s back! For almost 7 years, he’s with me again. I thought I’ll never see him…

I was just wondering if how he can he survive for seven years without a stable source of food. It’s really hard to believe in this inspiring true story of mine….

But I believe that the only way that keeps cuffy alive is my faith that he is……

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blessing Or Tragedy?

Have you ever asked God about what’s happening in your life? Do you ever blame God because of the bad things that you’ve encountered? Well, I am telling you, everything in this world has a specific purpose.

Sometimes, you might think that the purpose of a single think is bad. But as time goes by, you’ll realize that what you think is not good will the one to save you. I am a 22 year old girl who lived in Scotland. But before I reached this age, I encountered a lot of downsides.

Let me tell you a story. This is not just a simple story. Actually this is based from real life. And how can you say that? It’s because this story is actually my story.

I remembered that was October 1996. We lived in a simple home here in San Francisco California. My father is a full time office staff in a company near at home. While on the other hand my mother is always busy managing her wholesale clothing business in Aberdeen.

I was first year high school at that time my two younger brothers were left in the house together with our nanny. I remembered when my father tells me about Canada. According to him, we’ll go to Canada once we have sufficient money to meet our needs.

Until one day, I was surprised because everyone in the family was happy. In contrast with my idea, I have no idea that my parents are planning to go to Canada before the end of the year. And course, I’m very excited at that time because it was my first time to go to Canada.

However, two weeks before the flight, my brother Jim was accidentally bitten by a dog. As a result, the family’s dreams were dashed.

My father was so disappointed because it was also his dream to go to Canada. Instead, we’re in the hospital to watch out for my brother’s situation. And because of the possibility of rabies, we’re all quarantined.

My father was cursing GOD because of the misfortune happened to my brother…

However, a day after our flight to Canada was canceled the whole California was shocked with the news --- A PLANE going to Canada crashed! Supposed to be we were on that plane but thanks to my brother. And thank GOD above all.

On that day, I saw my father hugged my younger brother. He thanks my brother for saving the whole family. He also thanks GOD –Tragedy was turned into blessing.

While my father is reading magazine and while my mom is busy with her wholesale clothing stuffs, I am on my bedroom realizing all the things – it was too fast!

Yes, there are things that we may not understand. But always bear in mind that all things happen for a reason! And only God knows all these things.